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With the competencies combined, we create coherent digital solutions for our customers.

Today, you can no longer just acquire a single software solution and implement it. The modern business must necessarily think of its own future as a digital business.

IT solutions should be an important part of companies' digital transformation and the successful companies have succeeded in their transformation journey by strengthening the organization with the right technology, applied in a coherent digital universe. That said, of course, one should not compromise on the professional expertise and the business specialist understanding within the specific areas.

That is why we have built the organization so that we take advantage of the best of both worlds. Our eight subsidiaries are each specialists in their specific business area, but are also part of one unified digital house, where the individual sub-solutions compliment each other and can be linked together into a coherent integrated solution.

In other words, we can advise you whether you need a comprehensive solution, or a specific business solution within one of our business areas.

Professional advice for more than 25 years

Consit Gruppen was founded in 1997 and has for more than 25 years provided business solutions, digital solutions and professional advice to our customers.

The strategy always supports our two most important stakeholders - our customers and our employees.

Our employees are among the most skilled and most experienced in the market. This helps to give our customers confidence in the choice of Consit Gruppen as a partner.

We offer our employees a work environment with a very high professional level in a company where the ceiling is high and the tone is informal.

We take pride in being the most talented, but also know that it commits.

PC-Software A/S has per 30 September 2022 taken over all the activities of To-Plus A/S.

All activities, including products, work in progress, customer contracts and employees etc. are included in the takeover.

With effect from 1 January 2022, Consit Gruppen will acquire the majority shareholding in PC-Software A/S.

With the acquisition of PC-Software A/S, we get a new significant piece added to our company. Through its many years in the industry, PC-Software A/S has achieved a strong position in the market and we can now begin our joint journey, where we see great business potential in the business areas that we focus on.

PC-Software A/S is domiciled in Aarhus and with the purchase we will thus create a bridgehead to the Jutland market.

Consit Gruppen bought per. August 1, 2021 the majority of Sagio, which develops and markets complete payment, print and ID solutions. Consit Gruppen sold its shareholding again in 2022.


Consit Gruppen buys per. August 1, 2021 The majority of IVIN Analytics, which works with Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.

Presentation and analysis of data has become an extremely important strategic tool for companies in the dynamic world we are in. IVIN Analytics are experts in this area which is growing rapidly and we have therefore long had a desire to strengthen Consit Gruppen with precise these competencies. With IVIN Analytics as part of  Consit Gruppen, we consolidate our strategic structure, where each subsidiary is specialists within their specific area, but at the same time is part of an overall digital house, where solutions and competencies complement each other.

Consit Gruppen acquires the majority of Global Solutions 365, which is one of the market's absolutely leading suppliers of CRM solutions.

With the acquisition of Global Solutions 365, we significantly strengthen our existing CRM business area, which has been an important goal for us for a long time. Our current CRM business will be moved to Global Solutions 365, so that we can create a highly competitive company within CRM solutions with a very high level of professional competence and a unique business understanding, which of course provides great value for our common customers.

The two subsidiaries in Consit Gruppen, Dynateam A/S and Consit A​/ S are merged into one company under the name Dynateam A/S.

The business areas of the two companies are very complementary and a lot of work is done together across the companies. Therefore, it makes very good sense to merge the companies.

All employees, customers and business areas remain unchanged. Now just under the same company, where we offer our customers solutions and advice in the following areas:

ERP and Business Intelligence, Document Management and IT infrastructure incl. Microsoft365, Office 365 and Azure.

Immediately after the acquisition, the company was renamed to 42 digital and after a slight restructuring, they are now called Easyflow Agency. Easyflow is one of Denmark's most experienced digital agencies and delivers digital solutions within Digital branding (CMS solutions, websites and other digital sites), E-commerce solutions and Digital business platforms (Digital strategy, web integrations etc.)

With the acquisition of Easyflow, Consit Gruppen now has more than 250 customers and offers solutions that create digital connections between the companies' frontend solutions and their backend business solutions, which is an area that is growing rapidly and provides great value for customers.

Nordic NDC works with Travel Management solutions for airlines, business customers, travel agencies and other travel solution providers. We have developed some completely new and landmark solutions that support the new technologies in the industry.

Consit Gruppen acquires Dynateam A/S, which is one of the leading suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central in Denmark.

This adds Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central to the already solid range of ERP solutions from, among others, Oracle and Danish-produced Uniconta, and we can thus offer ERP and financial management solutions to all size companies.

easyTableBooking is one of the market's leading reservation systems for restaurants and cafés. Consit Gruppen sold their shareholding again in 2018.

Since 1990, FICS Denmark has been one of Denmark's leading providers of ESDH solutions. FICS Denmark has developed an electronic case and document management tool (FICS ESDH), which is implemented in both public and private companies. Here, FICS helps customers achieve higher efficiency, and provide better service to their customers.

MultiMark Solutions has developed MultiMark CRM, which is a CRM tool that can cover all CRM needs for both small and large companies. MultiMark CRM consists of a basic module, which gives you an overview and structure in your customer contacts as well as several additional modules, which can be selected as needed.

July 1, 2011 the current owners buy the company 100%. The first half year is primarily spent on making a radical turn around, both commercially and strategically. Fortunately, the effect of this work is seen over the subsequent years, allowing for the business to grow further, both organically and through acquisitions.

Consit Gruppen is founded at a time when Oracle has a significant position in the market. The company is being established as a consulting company with a predominant focus on Oracle solutions.

Board of Directors and Executive Board

Meet our management

Per Erland and Morten Skovby worked together for 7 years on the Executive Board of IT Gruppen A/S. Per owned half of the company, while the Dagrofa Group owned the other half. IT Gruppen was one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of IT business solutions and consulting services.

IT Gruppen​ was part of the Dagrofa Group and had a turnover of 220 million and 200 employees in offices in Ballerup, Holbæk, Skanderborg, Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo.

In October 2007, IT Gruppen A/S was sold to EG. (EDB Gruppen)

Following the acquisition, IT Gruppen continued as an independent subsidiary in EG. Per Erland stopped in this connection to devote himself to the work as an investor, while Morten Skovby continued as CEO. director of the company.

In the spring of 2011, Per called Morten and told him that he had run into an exciting company that needed new owners, new management and a new strategy. In July 2011, Per and Morten then took over the ownership of Consit Gruppen, with Per as Chairman of the Board and Morten as CEO.
It was the start of the journey that Consit Gruppen has been on since.

Per Erland

Chairman of the Board

Per Erland

Following the sale of the IT Gruppen in 2007, Per has spent his time investing in and developing companies, primarily within the IT, Retail and Furniture sectors.

Per has great ambitions on behalf of Consit Gruppen and is in no doubt that the expansion will continue, and he is happy to be able to contribute with this work.

In addition, his great passion for golf has led him since 2016, together with a good friend, owns and operates Woodlands Golf & Country Club in Sweden.

Morten Skovby

Group CEO

Morten Skovby

Morten has worked with management in the IT industry since 1996. Before that he was stationed for 4 years in Brussels and Paris, respectively, where he worked for the American group Sun Chemical Corporation.

In addition to being Group CEO, he holds eight board positions.

Morten has a degree in economics from CBS in Copenhagen and in 2007-2008 completed an Executive Management Program in strategy, management, and innovation at INSEAD University in Paris.

His main interests are sports, investing, gastronomy, travel, and literature.