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The strategy

"The best thing about being a specialist,
combined with the best thing about being part of something bigger"

The four basic strategic elements

  • We find the right companies with the right people and products that complement each other. We offer a working environment with a high professional level and with a high degree of freedom and influence.

  • Organization in teams (subsidiaries) that are as autonomous as possible and that are experts within their primary business area -> Focused teams know their customers' needs better.

  • ​The group ensures that the individual teams have the best support and the right tools in the form of shared services. In this way, the subsidiaries can keep the focus on the business and the customers.
  • The group must ensure that the business synergies, cooperation across the subsidiaries, the employees' professional development, as well as the common value base for all employees are executed.​

Our Five Core Values

  • Credible
    We take responsibility and keep what we promise. Our actions create trust and security, so that our customers and colleagues feel safe in the collaboration.

  • Competent
    We are specialists in our business areas and our knowledge of the market, and the solutions is unique, which adds great value for our customers. We take pride in being the most talented and know that it commits.

  • Dedicated
    We are committed to our work and want to make a difference. We adapt dynamically and quickly to the challenges and opportunities that may arise along the way.

  • Customer focused
    We are flexible, proactive and go to great lengths to provide our customers with a better service than they expect.

  • Synergistic
    We respect each other and work together to make the best possible use of competencies and synergies. In this way, we deliver value-creating and coherent digital solutions.